Just a few general words of advice regarding a trip to Switzerland to help you plan & budget. The mountains in Switzerland, although stunning, can be expensive. If you’re staying in the towns below the peaks, it’s not as bad. However, reaching even the more minor peaks can be very expensive (more on this in my Swiss Skyline article). If you do have a Swiss Travel Pass or a Eurail Pass, there is typically a discount. The Swiss Travel Passes offer the best discounts by far (again, more elaboration on that topic is found in my Swiss Travel Passes article). It helps to pick one or two mountain peaks you really want to go to and forget the rest or you’ll go broke on train and cable car rides. Another Swiss oddity is the charge for tap water – it was often 3 EUR and you could’ve ordered a glass of wine for the same price as your water. Just go to one of the co-ops and buy bottled water and snacks before you start your day to save cash.¬†

Packing List Reminder: Remember your sunglasses, raincoat, and warm jacket. The weather changes drastically from day to day (and sometimes hour to hour) so layers are your friend. I don’t really think tennis shoes are at all adequate for trekking in the Swiss Alps and surrounding areas, not even for the relatively simple hikes listed in my Lauterbrunnen Treks article. You really need proper gear- good hiking boots that¬† you’ve broken in, solid weather and water resistant pants and a jacket. Hiking poles are not a bad idea. You need a good backpack that you can carry adequate food and water in, with an emergency poncho and a space blanket.

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