Where to Stay in Brussels

Where to Stay in Brussels

There are 19 different boroughs within Brussels that you can choose to stay in. I’m only going to cover a few here in this article. 

Saint-Gilles: It’s a mix between hipster and dirty, fun and kind of funky, vibrant and loud. The closer you to stay to Avenue Louise, the safer it is. There are several sites that say it isn’t safe to be out in Saint-Gilles after dark, but the reviews are mixed. As always, just use caution and common sense.

Avenue Louise: Speaking of Avenue Louise… it’s expensive. It’s the high-end area to stay in Brussels but it.is.lovely.

Ixelles: With great food and excellent places to dance and drink, Ixelles is another place where you tend to find backpackers and the young and trendy (or those who think they are). You can find some excellent hostels in this area.

Saint Josse-ten-Noode: It’s not the worst area, and it’s not the best. Just steer clear of the red light district. It would be better to find another place to stay if you can, but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t.

Place St Gery: Recently restored, it’s full of good food and drink. It’s a pretty solid option.

Molenbeek: Shy away from Molenbeek. It’s not known for being a safe place to stay. 

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