What to do in Salzburg

Museum of Modern Art:
Open- 1000 – 1800
Address- Mönchsberg 32, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Cost- 8 Euros per adult, 6 for students/children
Website- Salzburg Museum of Modern Art

This beautiful museum routinely swaps out its exhibits so take a peek at the website before visiting to make sure what they have is of interest to you. Even if you don’t want to visit, take some time one morning, walk up the road to the museum and check out the views of the city on your way up. Have a cup of coffee at the Museum’s shop once you reach the top and soak in the views. The road up to the museum is quiet and has very little traffic- you can hear the birds singing as you walk along the forested road and you can see some of Salzburg’s boutique hotels on your way up. It’s worth the walk (and half of Salzburg seems to be on top of a hill anyway so it’ll be good prep for the rest of your stay).

Hohensalzburg Fortress:
Open- 0900-1900 from May- September
Address- Festung Hohensalzburg, Mönchsberg 34, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Cost- 13 Euros per adult, 7.4 Euros per child
Note- **It is cheaper to buy ahead of time online.
Website- Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hohensalzburg Fortress is again, on top of a hill. You can take a funicular up if you are so inclined (and after walking it, I would recommend the funicular). It’s really not that expensive and the stairs up give you a keen appreciation for how impenetrable the fortress really was. Check out this site for information on the funicular and prices (just click the bold ‘PRICES’ tab near the bottom of the page).

Mozart’s Birthplace and Museum:
Open- 0900- 1730 except for July and August, then open 0830-1900
Address- A-5020  Salzburg, Getreidegasse 9, Salzburg, Austria
Cost- 11 Euros per adult (see website for further breakdown)
Website- Mozart Museum
Note- (Mozart’s Residence and its corresponding museum are located across the river at A-5020  Salzburg, Makartplatz 8!!)
For me, the Mozart Museum was a really big event. I’m obsessed with classical music and I loved seeing all of the letters Mozart wrote to his family when he toured the world as a young boy. The museum pays due respect to Mozarts uber talented sister and family members and doesn’t just focus in on Mozart himself. Just a word of warning- The 11 Euro price is probably steep for people who aren’t all about classical music, as most of the museum runs on the premise that anyone taking the time to see this museum is already head over heels for Mozart.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens:
Open- Gardens: 6 a.m. – dusk; free admission
Palace and Angel Staircase: 0800-1800
Marble Hall: Open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 0800-1600; Tuesday and Friday 1300-1600; free admission
Orangerie: 0900-1600 all year round
Dwarf Garden: Closed during the winter only
Hedge Theater: Closed during the winter only
Address-Mirabell Platz, 5020 Salzburg
Cost- Admission is free but access to special events such as concerts is extra
Website- Mirabell Palace & Gardens
We walked lazily through the Mirabell Gardens on a warm Saturday morning and saw FIVE different wedding parties. It’s no coincidence, as Mirabell is truly beautiful. The gardens weren’t even in full bloom (as we like to frequent high volume tourist areas in shoulder season) but even running below full capacity it was gorgeous. Stop by the fountains, lean your head back on the bench, and just breathe. All these months later I can still smell the flowers and hear the songbirds chirping as the fountains gurgled quietly around us…

Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains:
Open- Trick fountains, Palace, Folklore museum:
April, October, November 1: 0900-1630
May, June, September: 0900-1730
July, August: 0900-1800, additional evening tours: 1900, 2000, 2100
Address- Schloss Hellbrunn & Wasserspiele: Fürstenweg 37, 5020 Salzburg
Cost- Adults 12.50 Euro
Website- Official Hellbrunn Website
Website from Salzburg Board of Tourism Re: Hellbrunn
Most people take a car or bus into Hellbrunn from the center of Salzburg, and some will bike in. It’s not really a walkable distance from Salzburg center so be warned. Take bus 25 from the city to get to Hellbrunn and back, and get off at whatever stop is convenient for you. If you are in doubt, or can’t muster up your German, just get off at the Mozartsteg stop – it connects with many other central lines and places you right beside the river Salzach so you can get your bearings if necessary.

Sound of Music Tour
We didn’t.

I’ll refer you back to my article on Salzburg  for the full story, but if you really want to purchase a tour, you can do so here.

Trail up to the Museum of Modern Art
Mozart Statue in Salzburg
Mirabell Gardens

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