Top Things to do in Budapest (Part 1)

Budapest is beautiful, with an impressive array of activities- whether you choose to soak in a spa bath or hang out at a Ruin Bar, there is an option for everyone. Here are some must-sees for your time in the city.

    1. See the Parliament Building- Even if you just walk slowly past it and admire its Gothic Revival style (although you should really tour the inside) this building is meant to impress.
      How to get there? Take the Metro (line 2) or the Tram (also line 2).
      How to get inside? You can’t go without a tour. You can walk up to the Visitor’s Centre right inside Parliament and take your chances that a ticket in your language will be available, or you can buy ahead of time (this is the better option) at this site.
    2. Walk around the Fisherman’s Bastion & see Matthias Church- Found on the Buda side of Budapest, the Bastion and church are a must-see when visiting Hungary. The Bastion has seven towers representing the seven tribes that went on to form modern-day Hungary. Although the Bastion has an almost sandcastle, fairy-land appearance, it still offers by far the best views of Budapest you’ll find anywhere.
      Do you need a ticket? You really don’t. If you want access to every single aspect of the Bastion, then you do need a ticket and you can purchase it here.If you want to purchase tickets for Matthias church, just walk up to the entrance- there is almost always someone there who can sell you a ticket. Typically, tickets run about 1200 HUF ($4.50 U.S.).
      How to get there? There are many, many trails up the Bastion and also a funicular.

3. Stephen’s Basilica- I know that every cathedral in Europe does this, but the ticketed concert here is worth the money. Although visiting the cathedral is free, the concert (usually about $30.00 U.S. total for two) is wonderful, about an hour, and often features St. Stephen’s impressive organ. You can go up to the observation deck for 500 HUF (a little less than 2 U.S. dollars) to see views of the city. This was one of my favorite parts of our time in Hungary, and we came back to the cathedral 2-3 different times.
How to get there?
Take the Subway Line M3 to Arany Janos Utca

How to buy tickets for a concert? Visit this site for more information or just walk up to the Basilica when tickets are on sale outside on the steps.

4. Shoes on the Danube- After you exit the Elizabeth Bridge on the Pest side, turn left and head towards Parliament. Before you get there, you’ll see the memorial. It was created to honor the 3500 victims who were shot into the river from 1944-1945 by the Arrow Cross Party. These sixty pairs of shoes are a sobering and heart-wrenching reminder of the incredible loss sustained by this city during one of the darkest periods of its history. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to pay your respects here.

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