Restaurants in Bocas del Toro; Isle Colon

Restaurants in Bocas del Toro; Isle Colon

These places were recommended on various sites – we were able to make it to most but not all of them, but they all had pretty rave reviews. Here’s some addresses and names to save you time. Keep in mind the hours for the restaurants in Bocas are pretty sporadic.

Alberto’s Pizzeria (Sardinian)
Calle 5, Isla Colon
$10 per pizza
Noon- 10 PM Monday- Saturday

Lilli’s Café
Calle 1a next to the Tropical Suites Hotel
7 AM-10 PM Tuesday-Saturday
7 AM- 12 PM Sunday
7 AM- 4 PM Monday
$5-8 per person
*“Kill Me, Man” pepper sauce comes highly recommended

El Chitre
Calle 3
Central American
8 AM-10 PM Monday-Saturday
I am vegetarian when possible, and it’s most certainly possible in Bocas. However, El Chitre is very meat-heavy, so a double check of the days menu may be warranted before you sit down.

Panaderia and Dulceria Alemana
Calle 2
7 AM- 8 PM Monday- Saturday
8 AM- 4 PM Sunday

El Pecado
Calle 3
5 PM- 10 PM

La Casbah
Avenue H
6-10 PM
Tuesday- Saturday

Central American
Extremely cheap
Avenue H
10 AM- 5 PM
Monday- Saturday

Om Café
8 AM- Noon, then 6 PM- 10 PM

Gourmet Grocery Store
Super Gourmet
Calle 3a
9 AM-7 PM

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