Public Transportation in London

Buses v. Underground?

There are a myriad of options for transportation in London. Of course, you have the option to take a taxi, but I want to cover buses and the underground as well.

London Buses:
This is a cheap, efficient, and fun way to get around the city. These red, double-decker buses are awesome for sightseeing and are only £1.50 a ride. You NEED AN OYSTER CARD (you can read about them here.) If you are doing a single journey, you can transfer lines once on the bus or trams within the hour for no extra charge. PLEASE do not try to pay in cash, it won’t work. It must be a contactless card or an Oyster card). You cannot get off between stops- to signal the driver for the next stop, just hit the red button.

IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN: They ride the buses for free if they are under the age of 11.
FOR DISCOUNTED PASSES: Check out the TfL’s site here.
FOR THE MAP OF THE BUS ROUTES IN LONDON:Check out the TfL website here.

The London Underground:
The fare on the Underground depends entirely on where you go. Oyster cards are again, the cheapest way to pay. An adult cash fare on the London metro for a single journey in zone 1 is £4.90, but if you have an Oyster card, the fair is reduced to £2.40.
Read more about fares at Fares and Payments


For other public transportation modalities in London, check out London’s official visitor’s guide here.

For the Oyster Card Link: How does London’s Oyster Card Work?

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