If you have more than 72 hours in Paris…

Then consider adding these things to your list…

The neighborhood in the north of Paris that previously housed Le Chat Noir and Moulin Rouge, Montmarte is remarkably well preserved and is worth at least walking through. Montmartre was the home of such notables as Degas and Renoir, and today remains a haven for artists- if you’d like your own portrait painted, go to the Place du Tertre for your pick of artists. There is a funicular that leads to the top of Montmartre or you can take a bus up the hill. While there, visit the Sacre-Coeur basilica and the Parc de la Turlure right beside of it.

The Seine
Just walk along the Seine and take it all in. Sit down at an outdoor cafe, order a coffee, and watch the hustle and bustle go on around you. Paris actually is magical and it pays to take some time and just absorb it all.

Musée Rodin
This museum contains over 6,000 Rodin statues, including ‘The Thinker.’ The museum is in a gorgeous, 18th century mansion surrounded by gardens and a cafe. It’s beautiful and you can easily while away a full afternoon here. Tickets are 10 EUR for an adult. Their website is found here.

Eat. Eat. Eat.
You’ve really done yourself a disservice if you don’t make an effort to get your hands on the following while in Paris: Eclairs, chocolate in Montmartre, crepes from a street cart (both sweet and savory), a macaroon, every type of cheese you can get your hands on (just enter a fromagerie and go to town), and croissants, croissants, croissants (one apricot, one chocolate, and one plain, don’t skimp, this is Paris). If you have time, go by the Bastille Food Market or the Rue des Martyrs to observe all of the amazing food stalls. 

Paris Bike About Tours
This is something we didn’t get to do and wish we had. We had two friends who both took this tour two separate times and they loved it. It’s a great, relaxing way to see Paris. The company offers a Paris tour, a Versaille tour, and a Champagne tour. They’re only 35 EUR for an adult and last around 3.5 hours. Check out their website here.

Ile Saint-Louis and some Ice Cream
Not to keep harping on food here but you’re missing out if you don’t take a walk down the Ile Saint-Louis and grab some icecream at Berthillon. There’s sure to be a line, as Bertillon is probably the most popular place to get ice cream in Paris, but it’s worth the wait. The Ile Saint-Louis is delightful, full of adorable shops and restaurants.

There’s still so.much.more. to cover about Paris, but the last thing I want to mention before I finish my “essential Paris” lists is this: Be adventurous. Don’t eat in touristy areas. Don’t be afraid to leave the beaten path a little and eat at a restaurant that’s NOT listed on a blog or travel site. Paris is incredible. Give it a chance to wow you.


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