How to Get to Eltz Castle & Where to Stay

How to Get to Eltz Castle & Where to Stay

How to Get There:
When traveling northeast by train from Frankfurt towards Bonn, Burg Eltz is about an hour and a half away. You can stay in Moselkern, Cochem, or Koblenz if you want to see Burg Eltz. However, the only town I am going to cover in detail is Moselkern, as that is the route we took due to our plans to see Cologne after Moselkern. Whichever town you stay at should of course be dependent on the direction you plan to head after seeing the castle. The only train route into the town of Moselkern from Frankfurt involves about an hour train ride along the beautiful Rhine River to the town of Koblenz. From Koblenz, transfer trains heading in the direction of Cochem (Mosel). Get off at the Moselkern stop prior to reaching Cochem. You will exit the train and follow the stairs into a deserted train station. There is no place to keep your luggage and no attendants should you have questions. Exit the train station, and turn right. Follow the signs to Burg Eltz. Check out for detailed directions with pictures from Moselkern to Burg Eltz. Here are some pictures of the trail to Burg Eltz we took on our trip.

Where to Stay:
We stayed at Hotel Moselkern and were very happy with the experience. We were allowed to leave our bags on the premises while we hiked to the castle the next day, and found the reception to be very warm and welcoming. The manager spoke enough English to take care of anything we might need, and the Hotel had a nice buffet breakfast for about 9 Euros apiece. The Hotel was quiet, easy to find, clean, and right on the river. Décor was most certainly dated but that’s not something that bothers me. The price was 70 Euros per night in May on (which the Hotel honored). There are certainly other places to stay in Moselkern, and there is a Hotel Ringelsteiner Muehle halfway up the trail towards Eltz if you prefer to start your hike halfway there, but as we were on foot and got to the Hotel after an 8 hour red eye flight, hiking another mile before dinner and bed was not on our short list. In addition, large school groups were staying here when we visited which tends to make for a long night. I can’t speak to the quality of any other hotel in the region, but I can say TripAdvisor has plenty of reviews on other Moselkern hotels that are worth glancing at before booking anywhere.

Inside of our room in Hotel Moselkern
Hotel Moselkern

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