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How to get to and from the Brussels Airport | The Drifting Dreamers: Travel Enthusiasts & Lovers of Adventure

How to get to and from the Brussels Airport

How to get to and from the Brussels Airport

Getting to and from Brussels Airport can definitely be confusing. The airport train is in the basement level of the airport. From there, you can take a train into Brussels or an international train into the Netherlands. If you want to go to Paris, Cologne, Lille, or London you can link at Brussels Midi. Trains run about every 15 minutes. 

The thing to remember (which we did not know) is that you can only get to the airport by linking in to one of the major train stations in Brussels, either Nord/Noord, Central/Centraal or Midi/Zuid. In addition, you need a separate ticket to link. It’s 8,80 EUR and all tickets are 2nd class. We kept trying to get to the airport from Brussels city center with just a typical Jump ticket and could not connect. That’s because we had the wrong ticket and we didn’t realize we had to link at Centraal to get to the airport terminal. Just a friendly heads up for those of us without a strong grasp of the French language that a separate ticket is absolutely required. 

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