We stood in La Grand-Place in the center of Brussels, surrounded by some of the most stunning, gold-gilded buildings I have ever seen, when all of a sudden we heard the theme from Star Wars echoing through the southern end of the square. Suddenly, Darth Vader appeared, accompanied by 2 elderly, well dressed women, several storm troopers and an entire brass band in straw hats and red bow-ties. We have no idea why this occurred, but safe to say, our love for Brussels was solidified before Vader got halfway across the square. I can’t articulate precisely the preconceived notions I had about Brussels before I came, but it’s safe to say spontaneous parading was not in the picture. Brussels surprises.

This city has maintained an extraordinary juxtaposition between modernity and history that ensures each part of the city will be solidly different from the last. The art in Brussels? Incroyable. The people? Remarkably kind and welcoming. The architecture? It speaks for itself. And the chocolate? It’s otherworldly.

Brussels is overlooked and undersold. We actually had no intention of visiting but our friends Stephan & Katie had just returned from a week in Brussels and had so many good things to say that we decided to give the city a try. We were so glad we did. This page gives you links to articles specifically about Brussels (and not all of Belgium) because we didn’t have a chance to explore the rest of the country, but it’s on our ever-growing list. Give this tiny country a chance and see if it doesn’t surprise you, too.

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                                                                            One of Brussel’s many amazing chocolatiers.

One of the very many knock-off Mannekin-Pis statues in Brussels displayed in front of an ice-cream shop.