Who we Are (and Why we Travel)

Travel is our obsession. We started dating because of our joint love of travel, and kept traveling throughout our engagement and marriage. It’s the one thing we can agree on no matter what and the one priority that never seems to come into question. It’s what we save for, what we invest by far the most time and energy into, and what makes us feel like we’re the most alive.

A couple of things you should know. We’re not early twenty-somethings with a trust fund using our gap year to travel. We didn’t join the Euro-trash backpacker tribe. We are not trying to re-create ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ We will never study abroad because we’re too old for that. We’re not trying to “find ourselves,” we’re not looking for inner peace, and we’re not searching for a guru. We don’t want to go down the ex-pat route, we don’t want to teach English overseas, we only kind of want to WWOOF, and we don’t want to leave our friends, family, and little city for good. We’ve just got a really bad case of wanderlust. We made exploration a permanent write-in to our budget and now we jump on a plane any and every chance we can. 

This blog was created to facilitate travel for the busy folks out there who want to continue to invest in their lives at home while still fueling their own sense of adventure- whether it’s a hike on the A.T. or a trip to Iceland- we want to make it easier to go. That’s why this blog focuses in on short-term travel for the low to mid-range budget traveler. It’s not a substitute for a good guidebook or a budget blog. It’s simply an efficient way give you the gist of a place. Is the draw to the city primarily the architecture? The art? The food? How’s the public transportation? Is it easy to access? What neighborhoods are safe to stay in? Hopefully we can tell you and regardless of how we felt about it, you’ll be able to make a decision on whether or not it’s worth it to you. Each country you see above has several articles about its major city of interest- just click on the link to visit the page. We’ll be adding more as time goes on, but there’s enough to get you started.