Who we Are (and Why we Travel)

Travel is our obsession. We started dating because of our joint love of travel, and kept traveling throughout our engagement and our marriage. It’s the one thing we can agree on no matter what and the one priority that never seems to come into question. It’s the what we save for, what we invest by far the most time and energy into, and what makes us feel like we’re the most alive. As far as we’re concerned, it’s done us nothing but good and we want others to be able experience the same things that have so altered our lives.

We started this blog not just because we want to share our love of travel, but because we found ourselves in an all-too-familiar (and unfortunate) financial scenario. We are already professionals who have completed our educations but, like most of our friends and colleagues, find ourselves strapped with intense student-loan debt, a mortgage, and no real desire to leave our friends, family, and our little city for good. We don’t want to go down the ex-pat route, we don’t want to teach English overseas, we only kind of want to WWOOF, and we don’t want to leave for 6 months or a year- we just want travel to be part of our lifestyle. We want exploration to be a permanent write-in to our budget, to live constantly searching for the next trip, and to keep our love of the unknown alive. That’s why this blog focuses mainly on short-term travel. We’ve tried to make it easy to piece together places you’d like to see on your next trip, focusing on what you’d want to see if you only had a few days or a few weeks. Is it ideal? Of course not. Ideally, we’d all have months and months to invest in travel, but realistically a lot of us just don’t have that as an option.

We’re insanely lucky to live in a city we love with friends who are one-in-a-million and jobs that are good and stable, but in the same breath, we’re always frustrated at how American corporate culture de-emphasizes rest and well-being by giving its workers as little time off as possible. We hear a lot of people say that the planning required to go overseas is just too much work- they’re exhausted when they get home and their kids need what little energy they have left. Planning a trip overseas or searching endlessly for good deals on flights? That’s out of the question. So hopefully we can do (some) of the work for you. We want to facilitate travel for the busy folks out there who want to continue to invest in their careers while still fueling their own sense of adventure- whether it’s a hike on the A.T. or a trip to Iceland- we want to make it easier. Here’s to the next adventure!

-Becca and Jeff